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If a wedding was just any event, you could use any videographer or photographer. But a wedding isn’t simply a cake, a bride, and a groom. It is a wondrous occasion with your closest friends and family all coming together to see you and your significant other embark on a journey of love.

With Timeless Motion, you won’t get the standard, stock wedding photos and film.

You’ll get the moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time. The father and daughter sharing that special dance together. The best man toasting to the all of the good times behind and all of the adventures ahead. The tears in the parents’ eyes as they watch their little boy and little girl leave the reception as husband and wife.

Candid. Romantic. Timeless.

With Timeless Motion, your wedding won’t just be a moment; it’ll be a sweet memory for all to share in the many years to come. The images and film we take of your wedding will be unique, creative, and most importantly they will tell your love story. Never undervalue the significance of having the right team on your side. Choose Timeless Motion and let us tell your story.

Timeless Motion
Southern California
Brock & Sam